Liam Ó Domhnaill

Deceptive Northern Irish gunslinger.


Gender: Male
Age: 23
Nationality: Northern Irish
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 170 lb
Eyes: Green
Hair: Vividly red

Liam is a young man of average height, deceptively strong and fast despite his rather average appearance. His main distinction is his shoulder-length blindingly red hair, which he wears in a ponytail behind his head. His dark green eyes appear soft and kind, particularly when he’s looking at Ciaran, though this is purely deceptive; he is just as capable of cruelty as Ciaran. In direct contrast to his brother, his build is long and slight, with an emphasis on speed, though he has strength as well.

Liam looks like a nice young man until you notice the two guns that are always attached to his belt, as well as the knife at his back. Liam’s jacket usually carries several weapons as well, though those aren’t as noticeable. Other identifiable marks include a tattoo of a Celtic cross on the inside of his left forearm, as well as a pair of black leather gloves that he wears constantly.

His most recognizable possessions are his two guns, a Magnum he calls Macha and a revolver named Nemhain, and his Motorcycle, named Kayleigh. When asked why he named his guns after goddesses and only gave his cycle an ordinary girl’s name, he only replies, “I like the name Kayleigh.”


Liam O Domhnaill, youngest son of Ronan and Caitlin O Domhnaill, grew up in a dangerous environment due to his father’s involvement in the IRA. He found that whole situation quite fun, but a good deal of his older brother’s time was spent keeping him away from the fighting. In fact, his brother tried so hard to keep him away that he ended up getting Liam sent away to Germany to train with the special forces. The only way for Ciaran to get his parents to agree was with the agreement that when Liam came back, he would help in the fight, which was also the only reason Liam agreed to go.

Liam had always shown a great talent for firearms, as well as vehicles, and his time in Germany only increased both of those skills. He enjoyed his time in Germany, though it was brutally hard, but found that his family hadn’t had the same fun time that he had. He came back to find the graves of his parents and sister, and his brother as a half-crazed butcher. It took Liam all of thirty minutes to follow the trail of blood to find Ciaran, and another thirty to incapacitate him and take him away. He knew that as long as Ciaran stayed in Ireland he’d never be anything but a maniac, so he brought his brother to Roanapur, where he hoped that his brother’s rampant psychosis would go mostly unnoticed.

Father: Ronan (Deceased)
Mother: Caitlin (Deceased)
Younger sister: Raicheal (Deceased)
Older brother: Ciaran

Liam Ó Domhnaill

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