Inessa Ushakov

Inessa Ushakov, Pointman and Sniper


Age: 29
Sex: Female
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 135lbs (give or take)(fit, curved and in excellent shape)
Eyes: Vibrant Blue
Hair: Redish Brown, long length
Nationality: Russian, can speak English with strong Russian accent.
Species: Human, obviously.
Sanity: Somewhat Unstable, has her moments.
Personality: In your face, leader, loud, friendly to few, not very girly…has her secret girl moments.
Smokes: No, will tolerate it though.
Drinks: Um…that should go without saying. In order words hell yes.
Fights: All the time.
Weapons of Choice: .556 Sniper Rifle (Modified), .44 Magnum Desert Eagle, 4in Blade in her Boot.


Her childhood was a rough one, Russia was never an easy place to live in with its harsh winters and rough summers. The economy struggled and the people did as well. Inessa enjoyed what she could, spending days with her parents and learning what she could from the schools she went to. She was always one for the martial arts and guns so it was only fitting that she join the KGB after graduating from college around the age of 22.

She started out as part of the protection sector for the Russian leader who was often under threat by his own people and other countries. She protected this vile man for over 5 years and during this time she became she one of the top snipers for the Russian secret service (KGB). She has killed many people in her time with the KGB using what she called the three S’s of her kills. Shoot, Snipe and Stab. She has two tattoos on her left and right hips in the front. One on the left with a fancy S and a tiny 3 above it representing the three S’s of her life with designs around it and the other on the right with a fancy H with a small 2 above it with fancy designs around it representing the two best kill points the head and the heart.

Around her 6th years in the KGB she was given a mission to take out a group of what she was told to be terrorists. Going in with a group to a building a smoke bomb was released and shots fired. Everyone was killed and what she saw when the smoke cleared were innocent people and her parents included. They had been marked for death for only disliking the leader and his methods. After this she left the KGB, taking her weapons and her secrets with her.

Perhaps she is marked for death as well…but good luck to those trying to hunt her because now at the age of 29 she’s the leader of a group of a rough and tumble mercenary men who she trusts with her life…even if she has to kick them into shape now and then. Ciarán Ó Domhnail the big brute and swordsmen, Liam Ó Domhnail the maybe somewhat stable gunslinger, Sam Bourne the crazy ex CIA agent, and Quintin ‘Moloch’ Campbell the slick sleuth and hacker all being lead by the crazy, loud, in your face, but still very easy on the eyes, Inessa Ushakov the ex KGB agent and the sniper of the group.

This is her life and she’s enjoying every second with her guys and every pay check regardless of the circumstances.

Inessa Ushakov

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