Obsidian Cove

Red Letter Day

DATE: 3 days ago
TIME: 1623

SPEAKERS: Man 1, American accent, New England regional, baritone.
Man 2, British Accent, Estuary regional, baritone. Somewhat gravelly.

Man 1: Okay, go. Code please?
Man 2: Oh come on, John, must be bother with this?
Man 1: We’ve got protocol.
Man 2: All right. Code is Six-Two-Seven-Zed-Hotel-Lamba.
Man 1: It checks out. Let’s begin.
Man 2: We’re all in place. We’re ready when you are. You’re sure that you can provide fire support?
Man 1: Of course we can. We’re God’s country, after all.
Man 2: Yes, that’s worked out well for you so far. How did project Dead Air go again?
Man 1: That’s classified.
Man 2: Of course it is. But enough. We get the package, you help us out. This grudge match from that bitch has gone on long enough. She’s going to get the whole place torn inside out.
Man 1: More than it is, you mean?
Man 2: Organized chaos is how we like it.
Man 1: Understood. You’re not the only one who likes it like that, you know.
Man 2: Let me know when you’ve got more details. We strike in three days. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have other business to attend to. It’s been a pleasure, John. See you soon.




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