Obsidian Cove

Cool Girls Don't Look At Explosions

They just deflect shrapnel with their boobs

The next adventure of the Islanders was fairly straightforward, as far as jobs go. Vladislava needed them to get in, grab some cargo, and get out. This cargo was, of course, the Chinese girls from a recent assignment.

Highlights include Liam diving John Woo style across the battlefield, Cieran cutting two guards into small, bite-size chunks before cleaving someone else in half, Sam bluffing his way into the compound, Inessa having bullet- and explosionproof boobs, and Quentin grappling across the compound to snipe with a shotgun.

Some minor hiccups and injures were had, but the group made their getaway before the pickup chopper arrived. After making the drop off, Liam asked again who they were, and Vladislava humored him by tossing him a newspaper with a single headline in Chinese:

“Search Continues For Prime Minister’s Daughters”



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