Obsidian Cove

Christmas Came Early

What's better than a girl in a box?

Two girls in a box.

The Islanders, after having a brief run in with the British Mafia (“By jove!) and the Church of Violence (”Get this shit off my lawn!"), managed to pick up a new member – a good old boy who turned out to be something of a hacker and a good shot with beanbags.

The call from the Russians was that they had a box to deliver – a big box. After setting course, and some burning curiosity to open up the box, the drop was made to three Japanese business men who promptly died from sniper fire.

A brief scuffle ensued, which included major casualties on the enemy side and some interrogation of a deaf man, and the box was opened to reveal two young Chinese girls, sound asleep.

Then they decided that returning to the dock to interrogate the box owners was a good idea. Sam’s attempts at faking sign language were quickly stifled.

Three attack choppers flew in pursuit, slamming the Cove with missile after missile until an incredibly daring, utterly stupid, and pretty awesome maneuver by the knife-crazy half of the Irish Wonder Twins put them out of business – long enough for the Russian back up to arrive anyway.

Giving the Islanders money and taking the children, the Russians departed and let the Islanders settle their own problems. A visit to the bar closed out the day.



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