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What's the frequency, Kenneth?

DATE: 5 days ago
TIME: 0344

SPEAKERS: Man 1, deep voice, covering natural accent, possibly Chinese origin
Woman 1, Russian accent, smoking something at the time

Man: You know you can’t hide them forever.
Woman: I have no intentions on hiding them forever, Chang. I merely want to ensure my point is made.
Man: What point is that, exactly?
Woman: That if necessary, I can take the most powerful countries in the world and make them my bitch.
Man: You think the Americans will stand for this? The PM has allies in very high places.
Woman: They should’ve thought of that earlier, then. They keep trying to place themselves in my affairs. I do not enjoy those who place themselves in my affairs. I would much rather invite them in then shoot them in the middle of tea.
Man: You’re heartless.
Woman: War is hell, Chang. War is hell.
Man: This isn’t war. Yet.
Woman: What are they doing to do? Crack down on piracy? Send a task force? Perhaps involve the UN? No one cares, Chang. They all have their own problems.
Man: Maybe they could do a letter writing campaign.
Woman: I’ll be sure to at least glance at them before using them for firewood.
Man: You’re starting to screw with everyone else, Vlad. Your keeping them means all of us are at risk. They’ve stayed away from here for a long time, but they’ve never had a reason to try and wipe us off the map. Not until now.
Woman: Then they should not have started seizing my freight and executing my men. My men, Chang. They were MY. MEN.
Man: You knew it was only a matter of time. We all did. Before long someone’s going to poke that sleeping bear that is the rest of the world. You’ve got a hell of a sharp stick right now.
Woman: I’m not poking. I’m stabbing it right through them and twisting it to make sure they understand.
Man: They’re going to fight fire with fire soon, you know. Everyone has a price, and they have deep pockets. I’m giving you fair warning right now, Vladislava. If you don’t return those children, you’ll find more than just two-bit thugs after you. I’ve heard…bad things. You know who lives in Roanapur that they can find. I’m staying out of it, of course, homeland be damned. I know better than to get involved in this.
Woman: They can send armies after me. Until they learn, I won’t be sending them back.
Man: Godspeed to you, then. Call me when it’s over.
Woman: God’s dead, Chang. He died back in Afghanistan.




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